Posted on Feb 23, 2019

Maptech Consulting Service Chennai - Hosting / Cyber security / ecommerce / App development

Protect your website from Malware Attacks - Web application Security and Firewall - Cloud based Web Application Security & Firewall: which covers with a 3-tiered approach that includes Protection, Detection, and Incident Response. If any Malware finds in your File-Manager or FTP Account our security service will also clean-up your code and files, it protects In-house Dedicated Server, Cloud Shared/VPS, Amazon, Azure and much more. Please find attached document for more information.
The Cloud Firewall is built on a Content Distribution Network (CDN) that provides performance optimization features to a website. The CDN utilizes a proprietary approach to caching dynamic and static content across all nodes in the network to ensure optimal performance around the world.
Web Application Firewall Security Protects from:
• Mitigation of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks
• Prevention of Vulnerability Exploit Attempts (i.e., SQLi, XSS, RFI / LFI, etc...) Protection Against the OWASP Top 10 (and more)
• Access Control Attacks (i.e., Brute Force attempts)
• Performance Optimization
The platform requires no installation or application changes. All sites are added and configured just an A record pointing to Web Firewall.
Rs 25000 + GST per year (Quarterly Subscription)
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